Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Absolutely. Anyone is very welcome, and we move at a pace you're comfortable with.

Do you teach children?

Yes, it's never too soon (or late) to learn. Children do the same vocal exercises as adults but don't necessarily need to know why - they're just fun to do. It's important to start good singing habits early.

Where are you based?

I teach all my singing lessons at home in East Oxford (OX4), easy to get to by bus and bike. There are no parking restrictions in the street if you wish to park your car outside. My home studio is the perfect place to learn to sing, with a calm, relaxed atmosphere and great piano to sing along with - the teaching address will be provided upon enquiring for lessons.

What songs will we sing?

Some people like to choose all the songs. Some like me to choose them, but with most people, it's somewhere in between. The exercises I teach work with any style of songs. I have a piano here to accompany you, but for some styles of singing it's better to use backing tracks.

Do I need anything before I start my first lesson?

It can be good to think about a song you'd like to work on for your first lesson, but you don't need to bring sheet music.

Can we arrange group lessons?

I'm happy to teach 2 people at the same time but don't have space for more. If you have a group in mind and a larger space I'd be very happy to come along and give some workshops

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes. Some people are still having their Christmas present lessons now.

I’m tone deaf and have never even touched an instrument in my entire life, do you think I can learn to sing?

I don't believe anyone's tone deaf - you just need to work a little on your vocal muscles. It just takes practice. 

I can play a musical instrument (guitar or piano) and I would like to accompany myself while singing - can you recommend a good music shop in Oxford?

Absolutely, that sounds like a great idea. There is a great range of music shops in Oxford - I would recommend to look through an article and then visit the one you liked.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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